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Friday, July 11, 2008

Combination: David Navara - Zdenko Kozul

David Navara - Zdenko Kozul, Turin 2006

David Navara (2658) - Zdenko Kozul (2606) [B67]

Turin ol (Men) 37th/Turin (5) 2006

27... Ke7 I ran across this interestesting tactical exchange while looking at games in Richter-Rauzer attack. Suddenly Black decided to abandon his bishop. 28. Nxg7

28... Qc4 This is Black' s idea, if queens are exchanged, the knight on g7 is trapped, and rook endgame is probably fine for black. 29. Rxe5+!! But there is something Black clearly overlooked! 29... fxe5 30. f6+

30... Kxf6 31. Qf5+ White is down a rook, but he will give mate after Kxg7 32.Qg5 and Rd8# 1-0

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