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Wednesday, July 9, 2008

Endgame mistakes - Campbell - Jiganchine (1999)

T. Campbell - Roman Jiganchine, UBC 1999

T. Campbell (1688) - Roman Jiganchine (2052) [D46]

UBC (2) 1999

Going through a lot of my games from the times back when I was a junior I noticed that a lot of them were won via huge endgame mistakes by my opponents. In other words, I was winning not via outplaying them, but rather by dragging the game for over 40+ moves, making a lot of inaccuracies along the way myself, but also increasing the probability of one huge "big bang" error. Here is one:

42. c5 Kd5

43. c6?? This is a really bad mistake, White goes very wrong. it was necessary to avoid wasting a tempo: 43. Kd3 Kxc5 44. Ke4 Kb5 45. Kxf4 Kxa5 46. Ke3 Kb4 47. Kd2 Kb3

48. Kc1 with inevitable theoretical draw. 43... Kxc6 44. Kd3 Kb5 45. a6 Kxa6 46. Ke4 Kb5 47. Kxf4 Kc4 48. Ke3 Kc3 49. Ke2 a5 50. Kd1 Kb2 0-1

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