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Sunday, July 27, 2008

Added "Replay Game" link - using powershell

Now every post under "Annotated Game" label is going to have a link to a separate page where you can replay through the game in the Palview viewer. Unfortunately Blogger does not allow javascript to be embedded into posts, so I have to generate one palview page with only diagrams, but no replay option, and then another palview html page with replay buttons, which gets uploaded to a separate site via FTP. I already had a way to automate the annoying process of creating two slightly different pages, but running some FTP GUI-ish tool to upload a single file every time I just want to post a couple of diagrams to the blog was too much for my lazy nature so I just stopped bothering generating re-playable pages ... until now! I used this FTP powershell script and finally even the FTP upload step is automated - one click creates both pages, uploads the static palview diagrams to the blog post via Google Blogger API, and a dynamic page to my FTP site. The process is somewhat fragile though, so I am still to see how well all this works over time. And yes, I still can't decide if I primarily created this blog so that I can post chess games, or just to be able to hack around with my little scripts.


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  2. awesome feature!

  3. Thanks, Ben!
    Now I just wish I had a bit more time to upload more meaningful games/annotations :-)


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