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Tuesday, May 17, 2016

Modern Chess Combinations: January, February, March 2016

Modern Chess Combinations: January, February, March 2016 (Quarterly Chess Tactics Book 5) is now out with over 200 puzzles for you to solve. It is available on Amazon and on Kobo. There is also a Russian Edition! The Kindle free sample contains dozens of combinations, so you can first practice those positions and see if you like the selection. This publication is a collection of over 200 best combinations played by strong chess players in tournaments that took place the first quarter of 2016. I first filtered the correct combinations with various computer-assisted approaches, and then manually went through the entire collection to select only the puzzles useful to practical chess players.
The book is the first volume in the "Quarterly Chess Tactics" series for 2016, which provides instructive tactical positions from the most recent top chess tournaments. This volume among other tournaments covers the decisive game from the Moscow Candidates Tournament. The frame below will also allow you to preview the first portion of the book

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