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Saturday, February 6, 2016

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To build practical strength and simply to have fun, a chessplayer needs constant practice in their tactical skills. If you want to practice your combination solving ability on a daily basis, you might want to know that I started maintaining a new blog at The puzzles appear daily and you can take you time to figure out the solution and then see the answer by clicking on the question mark. You can also have these puzzles appear in your RSS reader by subscribing to the Daily Chess Tactics feed or you can follow it by email (details below). Please let me know if you have any feedback!
Click on the blue spot to see the answer.
There is already an archive for the last two months, and you can see the last 3 puzzles in this roman-chess blog in the top right corner:
You can also follow it by email and get a daily puzzle link into your inbox:image

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