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Sunday, January 4, 2015

Best Combinations – December 2014 (Monthly Chess Tactics Book 12)

December edition of the Monthly Tactics series is out with 50 puzzles for you to solve, added to my collection in the Amazon ebook store. 

December 2014 saw Anand winning the London Chess Classic Tournament, and in Beijing - Grischuk, Gunina, Hou Yifan and Nepomniachtchi were victorious in several categories; the combinations from both editions are well represented in this ebook. This December edition wraps up the series of 12 monthly tactics ebooks for 2014.

Going forward I plan to likely switch for the quarterly updates, primarily for efficiency reasons. I’d like to hear feedback though if anyone thinks that “monthly tactics” is a better paradigm.

Kramnik – Nakamura, London 2014

diagramWhite to move

The book contains the solution, but if you follow the chess news elsewhere, you probably already know what move Kramnik played.

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