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Saturday, December 6, 2014

Best Combinations - November 2014 (Monthly Chess Tactics Book 11)

November edition of the Monthly Tactics series is out with over 50 puzzles for you to solve, added to my collection in the Amazon ebook store.


The main event of November 2014 was the World Championship Match in Sochi between Carlsen and Anand, where Carlsen retained his title.

Other major events were the Petrosian Memorial in Moscow with the world's strongest grandmasters participating (won by Grischuk), and the Tal memorial - a blitz tournament held as a side event in Sochi between many super grandmasters, this year's replacement for the annual Tal Memorial in Moscow (won by Mamedyarov).

December edition will cover the Russian Championships and other major events for the last month of the year.

Carlsen – Anand, game 6

diagram Black to move.

The book contains the solution, but if you follow the chess news elsewhere, you probably already know what move Anand missed.

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