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Tuesday, October 21, 2014

ChessBase - One File Format to Rule them All

As of Chessbase 11 and 12, Chessbase offers to put database files into one file with *.cbone extension. That seems very convenient compared to cbv files that cannot be viewed or modified without unpacking, and sure beats dozens of random extension (cbh, cbg, etc) files that were getting created/deleted behind the scenes in the old paradigm. For emailing games around, or backing up databases, cbone seems great. But I don't want to convert my databases unless I know that the new format is reliable. I will  experiment with cbone in the next while and see how this goes.
So far a couple of issues I can think of are:
  • I noticed that read-only cbone files cause errors, even when opened up for viewing
  • It is obvious that any older program such as Chessbase Light would not able to read cbone file format
Has anyone else noticed other problems?

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