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Friday, April 11, 2014

Chess Questions - Is there a freely available online 7 piece Endgame tablebase?

Scanning through website for recent chess-related questions, I came across the following post that I'd also like to pose to the readers of this blog:

Is there a freely available online 7 piece Endgame tablebase?:
The only 7 piece site I heard about is , and upon registration I am able to setup various positions with 2-6 pieces . However as soon as I setup a position with 7 piece, I get an error about service not being avaiable. Has anyone had better luck or know of any other site with 7 pieces tablebases?

7 piece endgame tablebases solve the mystery of many theoretical endgames, for example Rook endgames with 2 pawns vs. 1, which can be quite tactical if the pawns are on different flanks.


  1. I have had no problem getting it to work when accessing it using ChessOK Aquarium 2014. I can set up any 7 piece ending and click on the icon and it works fine. Unfortunately this service is free only until the end of the year.

    1. Ah, ok, thanks for confirming that this works! I would still not consider this "free" since Aquarium 2014 is not free in itself :)


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