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Monday, January 27, 2014

Checklist for Maintaining Opening Repertoire in Digital Form

To improve your chess preparation, you want to keep track of your openings in a digital opening repertoire. I already blogged with an example for creating an opening repertoire in my post titled "Opening Preparation - How to make a Tree". It can be maintained in various database  packages, with the output being stored as a single game, looking like this (example from SCID):

Now I am reviewing my opening preparation and I came up with a checklist for maintaining such a tree:
  1. Add diagrams to have at least one diagram per game
  2. Cut down lines that I will never play myself
  3. Add verbal evaluations and explanations of plans wherever possible
  4. Add symbol evaluations wherever possible
  5. Add my slow and rapid games for completeness
  6. Re-evaluate sharp lines with computer and give them a more definite evaluation
  7. Remove lines from the repertoire that I completely stopped playing and will never play again
  8. Keep repertoire games sorted by ECO
  9. Search and highlight tactical combinations anywhere in the repertoire database
  10. Label each repertoire game appropriately to distinguish my White from my Black repertoire
This may seem tedious, but this sure beats maintaining the same information on paper!

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