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Sunday, April 19, 2009

How to Attack in the Caro-Kann – the last tournament I ever won

Does Black have attacking chances in the Caro-Kann defence? Of course he does, he just needs to be more patient than in many other openings, but with proper preparation – this is definitely possible.

Davies – Jiganchine, 2000. Black to move.


In this position I played 30… Bc7, and suddenly White resigned. There is no way to prevent Qh2 without losing material (e.g. 31.g3 Nxe3)

I recall that my coach really liked my play in this game. He was always careful about praising me, but after seeing Bc7 he said something along the lines of “That was an instructive game!”. Ironically, this was played in the final round of last tournament that I won so far. I later tied for first in a couple of tournaments (regular and active), but this was the last time I got clear first place. Until now I did not realize how long ago this was…

The game itself is very simple, but it’s interesting to see how quickly even a quiet position can collapse because of minor self-inflicted weaknesses like h2-h3. Replay the game in the viewer below:

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