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Thursday, February 5, 2009

Assessing a position (without a computer!?)

Watching another great video from chessvibes, I was amused to hear how even a top GM (Movsesian) is careful to not assess a position without adding something along the lines of "I of course have not checked this position with the computer". Instead he prefers to say "this felt very comfortable during the game".

If GM's don't fully trust their own judgement -what can mere mortals like myself then say about a position - in a dynamic position the chances of me being wrong are likely more than 50%... But then of course there is a difference between knowing the 'truth' and just playing good moves.


  1. My chance of being wrong are more like 95%. LOL

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  3. CW, I meant 'assessing position' is deciding if "White is better" or "Black is better", so being wrong 95% of the time would be pretty hard :)

    Thanks, Valerio, I added a link to your site.


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