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Sunday, August 17, 2008

Milicevic - Berry, BC Closed 2001

Replay Game Dragoljub Milicevic - Jonathan Berry, BC Closed 2001

Dragoljub Milicevic - Jonathan Berry

BC Closed/Vancouver (1.2) 2001

The two top rated players, and last year's tournament winners happened to be playing already in the first round. The game had quite a dramatic finish: after the time trouble White's position seems to be completely winning, and yet some miracles start to happen... 40. b6 Black tries his last chance: 40... Rc2+ 41. Kf1 Kh6? White's task would have been much harder after 41... Rb2! 42. a5 Kh6 43. Rc7 e5 44. fxe5 (44. b7 exf4 45. a6 f3 46. a7 Rg2 47. Rc2 Rxc2 48. a8=Q Rg2 49. Bf2 Rxf2+=) 44... Bxe5 45. b7 Rb1 46. a6 Bxg3 47. Kg2 Bxe1 48. a7 Rb2+ 49. Kh1 g3 50. a8=Q Rh2+ 51. Kg1 Bf2+ 52. Kf1 g2+ 53. Ke2 g1=N+ 54. Kd1 e2+ 55. Kc2 Bxh4 and even this position seems to be not so clear, even though the fact that White has more queens gives him an advantage. 42. a3? intending to block the 'b' file with the bishop. But the bishop is needed for the defense of the king! 42. Ra5 ,with the same idea, was winning 42... Rc8 43. b7 Rb8 44. Rb5 e5 45. a5 e4 46. Ke2 42... e5 43. b7 Rb2

44. Bb4? now the game should end with a draw probably still winning was 44. fxe5 Bxe5 (44... dxe5 45. Bb4 Rb1+ 46. Ke2 Rb2+ 47. Kd1) 45. a5 Rb1 46. a6 Bxg3 47. b8=Q Rxb8 48. Bxg3 44... exf4 45. gxf4?? not content with a draw, Milicevic now makes a decisive error. 45. b8=Q Rb1+ 46. Kg2 f3+ 47. Kh2 Rb2+ 48. Kh1 Rb1+ 49. Kh2 Rb2+ is a fairly unusual perpetual check 45... e2+ 46. Kg1

46... Rxb4! 0-1 [Roman Jiganchine]

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