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Thursday, September 27, 2007

trapped queen - computer tactic in a blitz game

I played what seemed like a nice tactic, but there was a real gem combination under the hood that of course a computer helped to find.

soccerplayer - FYGAS, 2007

soccerplayer (2255) - FYGAS (2166) 2007

I try to generate threats against Black king as the position is fairly unclear 29. b6 Qa5 30. Rxh5! Qxa4? 30... Nf6! is computer suggestion 31. Qxf5+ Nd7 32. Qxf8+ Nxf8 33. Rxf8+ Kd7

34. Rxe5!! another computer tactics sequence - apparently this position is a forced draw. 34... dxe5 35. bxa7 Qxa7? ( black should really bail out with a perpetual: 35... Qe1+=)36. Ra8!!

holy cow - that was the real point of Re5, the queen is trapped to a fork: 36... Qxa8 37. Nb6+31. Rh7! now white is winning because of the back rank threats 31... Qa6 32. Qxg4!

32... Qxb6 33. Rxf5 Qb1+ 34. Rf1+ Kb8 35. Rxb1 b6 36. Qd7 d5 37. Qb7# 1-0

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