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Saturday, March 7, 2009

Online tactics: Find Sacrifices feature in Chessbase Light

Chessbase Light has an ability to find simple sacrifices in an entire database of games. Since I keep track of all my online blitz games in one database, that’s a very handy feature. In the search dialog box, go to the “Manoeuvres” tab, and make sure that “Sacrifice” box is checked.


Leave crawling through all your games for a while, and out of every 5 positions it finds, 1 is usually a pretty decent tactical shot. Yet another example of extra options computers offer for learning about the game.

I was pleasantly surprised to see that in the same 2+1 bullet game 8 years ago, I played two decent sacrifices. Under the pressure of having to make a move every couple of seconds – a player can intuitively come up with quick shots and just trust himself that they do actually work.


moon-DDT3000, 2001. Black to move

14… Nc5!

The knight goes to e4 or b3, it cannot be taken as then Bc5 would win the queen.


moon-DDT3000, 2001. Black to move

A few moves later in the same game - White’s pieces are quite disorganized.

22… Rxf3! followed by Nxd4 and Bc5 was a good way to wrap up the game.

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