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Practical Endgames Ebooks

"Practical endgames" series covers specific material balances and looks at typical methods of play for such endgames, covering  both the strategic themes, and also giving  the reader a chance to practice their tactical skills via the training questions.  The idea behind these series is the approach that Nimzowitsch used to call "a radioactive method" - selecting a rather narrow topic, and by learning a lot about it, understand chess much better in general.

Book TitleOther FormatsTraining Positions *Annotated GamesPriceSeries
Bishop Endgames: Do Opposites Attract?Kobo44272.99Practical Endgames
Rook and Knight Endgames - Strategy and TacticsKobo26192.99Practical Endgames
Endgames by Juniors - Instructive Games and BlundersKobo9232.99Practical Endgames
Rook EndgamesKobo272.99Practical Endgames

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