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Sunday, March 22, 2009

How to Use Chess Assistant on Vista or Windows 7 – Run as Administrator

After getting a Vista computer I installed my very old Chess Assistant 6 (birthday gift from year 2001). I was unable to run it, and assumed that it was just – too old. But then installing Chess Assistant Light, I was running into the same problem. Vista would just say – “cawin.exe has stopped working”, without giving any useful information.  Poking around I now got it to work – you have to run it as administrator:


The program then works fine on either Windows Vista or Windows 7. If you have tried Convekta’s products on Windows 8 – I would be interested to know if you have experienced any issues with them.

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  1. vista's a huge pain in the butt. i'm hoping windows 7 is everything its being hyped up to be (which is, "everything vista was supposed to be).


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