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Friday, September 30, 2016

Saturday, September 17, 2016

Modern Chess Combinations - volume 6

Modern Chess Combinations: April, May, June 2016 (Quarterly Chess Tactics) is now out with over 150 puzzles for you to solve. It is available on Amazon and on Kobo. The Kindle free sample contains dozens of combinations, so you can first practice those positions and see if you like the selection. This publication is a collection of over 150 best combinations played by strong chess players in tournaments that took place the second quarter of 2016. I first filtered the correct combinations with various computer-assisted approaches, and then manually went through the entire collection to select only the puzzles useful to practical chess players.
The book is the second volume in the "Quarterly Chess Tactics" series for 2016, which provides instructive tactical positions from the most recent top chess tournaments. 

The highlight of this edition is the series of blitz and rapid games that were played by the world's top players in several events across the world and on the Internet (Grand Chess Tour, championship and others). As a result the tactics are easier to spot because in blitz games even the best players make mistakes and allow elegant combinations, which they would have prevented in classical time controls.

Saturday, September 10, 2016

VIdeo - New Blog - Daily Chess Tactics from Most Recent Top Tournaments will help chessplayers to develop combination solving ability on a daily basis. The puzzles appear daily and you can take you time to figure out the solution and then see the answer by clicking on the question mark. You can also have these puzzles appear in your RSS reader by subscribing to the Daily Chess Tactics feed or you can follow it by email. Also available in Kindle format - More details also at .

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