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Sunday, April 19, 2015

Join a Thousand Other Chess Fans

Recently ChessVideoGuy Youtube channel hit a milestone that I had anticipated for a while, but was pleased to see finally happen, as the thousandth person subscribed to my channel.


Let me know if there are any particular topics you’d like me to cover in future videos, otherwise, just feel free to watch existing almost 200 videos I made over the last decade, and … subscribe.

Friday, April 10, 2015

The Break – Learn from Schlechter, Botvinnik and Kramnik – eBook

This week I published another book that summarizes my findings from many years of analysis and studying a specific chess topic.
This book presents the games of three positional geniuses and focuses on pawn play and pawn breaks. In this collection you will learn to use unexpected pawn moves for:

  • Opening up files or diagonals
  • Directly attacking opponent's king
  • Gaining space
  • Freeing up a square (e.g. as an outpost for a knight)
  • Undermining opponent's pawn structure/chain
  • Creating a passed pawn

The Break – Learn from Schlechter, Botvinnik and Kramnik is now available in the kindle store and on Kobo.

Here is the table of contents with the links to all the games and training exercises that are analyzed in this ebook:

image image
image image

Sunday, April 5, 2015

Computer Precision in a Historic Endgame – Karpov–Kasparov, 1984, game 9

Karpov – Kasparov 1984 match – game 9
image Black to move
In his recent book, Kasparov comments that 66… Bh1 has not found any refutation yet. It is now possible to say that there never will be any refutation because this 8 piece endgame can be completely pre-computed with FinalGen. It is a draw indeed, and Bh1 is the only move! In the game, Kasparov played Bb7 and lost…

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