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Saturday, June 7, 2008

Photo Blocked - Face not visible

Just today I noticed that Russian social networking site has banned one of my photos (as on the screenshot above it says in Russian "Blocked! Reason - your face is not visible"). Apparently their rules require that your face is present on every photo (so you can't add a photo of your cat, which is kind of silly). That gave me a good laugh, but also reminded that the start of this game was probably played under the worst conditions I ever played - the sun was shining directly into my face and I could not see the board at all, so I had to close my face, and that's when the photographer arrived. Canadian Junior 2002 was perhaps my worst tournament ever, but I could be happy with the outcome of that game - a draw against future champion Stephen Glinert, despite the sun. Here is the full photo:

PS. Stephen Glinert is a strong player, and I lost to him a few months later when he came to Vancouver, but googling to find out the spelling of his name pointed me at this game where he does not deliver mate in one move a couple of times (he won anyway).

Now, don't try to google for my embarassing moves, please!
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