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Sunday, January 1, 2012

Taking a Break from Chess

In November/December - I stopped any studying of chess for about a month, and now resumed it. While that wasted a month of chess learning, this kind of temporary hiatus can have positive effects on your chess improvement and even overall well being (!):

  1. You free up time for non-chess activities during the break
  2. A break gives time to reflect on your studying methods
  3. You can assess the improvements made during the previous study period
  4. You get to plan on what your next goal in chess is, and what are the steps to achieve it
  5. You get to reflect on the importance and role of chess (if any) in your life
  6. You regain appetite for studying chess – when you feel like you are ready for it again
  7. If you play a lot online, you also regain appetite for playing chess
  8. Your new efforts will have some new, better focus
  9. Your brush off bad habits, such as looking at games too quickly, or spending too much time surfing chess news websites
  10. The openings that you felt were getting too boring, may not appear so when you look at them after a break – that can save you time for changing repertoire!

It is very easy to get into a rut in chess, like in anything in life, so taking a break is likely a good thing for any passion you may have!

Happy Chess Learning in 2012!


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