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Saturday, December 31, 2011

Book Review – Khalifman’s Opening For White Series

If you are are looking into buying a chess opening book these days, many books lack depth. This is clearly not the case with Alexander Khalifman’s “Opening for White according to Anand”! I have a copy of volume two – about the mainline Spanish Opening, and I must say the book provides the necessary combination of depth and detail. A few more good points on the book:

  • Specific moves are in most cases presented in the context of strategic plans
  • Most of the theory is up to date – at the time of the writing
  • The book is a solid foundation for a full repertoire
  • Transpositions are generally explained
  • Final positions are given evaluations
  • If necessary to illustrate the ideas of the middlegame – entire games are provided
  • The author is a reliable authority on opening theory
  • The entire mainline Spanish is covered – which must have been a ton of work for the author(s)


If you play the mainline Spanish as White (or even as Black), and have no coach to walk you through it, this book is a “must have” in your chess library!

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