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Saturday, August 8, 2009

Chess Endgame Tablebases - online

As I was analysing my endgame against Jack Yoos, from the BC Closed Championship 2000, I came across this position below (Black to move).

Is it a draw? Or a win for Black? A regular engine thinks it’s –2.00, so that does not help. But I am down to 5 pieces, so this position has been already “fully” pre-analyzed, and as the online chess tablebase server shows – this is a draw! You just paste the FEN for the position into a form on the webpage, and it tells you exactly what’s happening here. A draw in this position means I have to keep looking for other ways for Black to win this endgame. Poking around earlier in the analysis, I see that I can reach an improved version of this position. Obviously – here Black is winning:image

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