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Sunday, August 16, 2009

Understanding Chess Classics - Attack by Jorge Pelikan in Taimanov Sicilian

image White to move

Jorge Pelikan is a player credited for popularizing the opening system that later transformed into the Sveshnikov variation. But in this game he demonstrates his attacking skills on the White side of Open Sicilian. I really like attacks like this one, that come from superior development in open positions. White’s pieces are very active, and Black also has some weaknesses on the dark squares, in particularly on d6 (typical for Taimanov Sicilian). So in the position on the diagram White uncorked the following:

15. Nf5 !! Be5 (15... exf5 16. Bd6 Qa5 17. Rxb7 Qxa2 18. Bd5 Qa4 19. Rxd7 Kh8
20. Rxf7 Qg4 21. Rd7 Qxd1 22. Rxd1 a5 23. Bc7 Ra7 24. Bxc6 Raxc7 25. Rxc7 Rxc7
26. Rd8+ Bf8 27. Rxf8+ Kg7 28. Rxf5 Rxc6 29. Rxa5 Rxc3 30. Ra2 +-) 16. Nh6+
Kg7 17. Ng4 d5 18. c4 Bc3 19. cxd5 Nd4 20. Ne3 f5 21. Bd6!
another piece put en-prise
Qxd6 22. Rxb7+ Kh8 23. dxe6 Qxe6 24. Nd5 Qe5 25.
Nb6 Rab8 26. Nd7 Qf4 27. Rxb8 Rxb8 28. Nxb8 Qxb8 29. Qd3 Qb2 30. Qe3 Kg7 31.
Qg5+ Kf8 32. Qf6+ Ke8 33. Re1+ Bxe1 34. Bc6+ 1-0
Replay the game below in the viewer:

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