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Saturday, June 6, 2009

Peshk@ – new chess training software from developers of Chess Assistant

I just downloaded this neat tool from and after playing with it for a few minutes – I must say it looks pretty neat. The interface shell itself is free, it comes with a few demo courses and you can download more for extra charge. This follows a model similar to what Chessbase is doing with ChessBase Light as a viewer for their media lessons, where the viewer is free, but you have to pay for extra courses. Here are a few screenshots of the demo endgame course I downloaded off their website also for free (based on a book by Alexander Panchenko, who sadly recently passed away). Even without buying anything – there is a fair bit of interesting content for you to look at, before deciding which course is most worth your hard earned $25.

Training mode:


Theory mode:


The course browser, as you can see – I got the demo one:


From what I understand, this is to replace all the old training software that Convekta had, where you had to install a separate shell for every course, which was obviously more clunky, and probably harder to sell.

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