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Friday, June 12, 2009

Chess Statistics – results as White vs. Black

As I am addicted to statistics, I decided to count my losses in tournament games, and just as I expected – I lost a lot more games as Black than as White. Since the year 2000 – 31 losses with the Black pieces, compared to 13 games I lost as White. These kind of stats indicate that the opening, and the direction it gives to the game have a significant impact on your tournament results (surprise …). With better opening preparation, you can hope for better results, but this also indicates that having a solid repertoire as Black is generally more important, or else you will be losing a lot of games without any fight.

Following a similar pattern, my results as White are not that different – White wins more games. With ChessBase Light it is easy to generate such statistics, just pick all your games (or maybe first filter it by year to exclude your kindergarten games), and hit the `S` key.

Total breakdown as White:


And as Black:


This also shows that I played more games as Black (looking at the results – tournament pairings probably did cost me a few rating points here and there…). Of course, you need to keep a database of your own games to be able to do this kind of analysis.

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