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Wednesday, September 3, 2008

Neufahrt - Milicevic, BC Closed 2001

Replay Game Gerhard Neufahrt - Dragoljub Milicevic, BC Closed 2001

Gerhard Neufahrt - Dragoljub Milicevic

BC Closed/Vancouver (7.3) 2001

41... Re4 Black has won a pawn in the opening and now has excellent winning chances in this ending with two extra doubled pawns. Though Black's pieces are placed actively, it looks like a lot of play is still ahead. But White fails to see the mating net that Black has created near his king 42. Rd2? 42. Kf3! was necessary 42... Rxe2+! 43. Rxe2

43... Rf1# 0-1 [Roman Jiganchine]

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