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Saturday, November 25, 2017

Schliemann Defence: Volume 2 - Tactics and Combinations

If you are looking to pick up a new opening for Black against 1.e4, you might be interested in the Schliemann Defence and in the collection of tactics in this opening that I just published. It is available both in Kindle and Paperback versions. It is also available on Kobo. The second volume covers combinations in the games played in the repertoire lines and illustrate typical tactical ideas for Black.


1. Introduction
2. How to Learn Typical Tactics - Follow up Book
3. Typical Themes
4. Early Deviations for White
5. System with 4.d3
6. System with 4.Bxc6
7. System with 4.Nc3
8. Odd Move orders
9. Index of Players
10. About the Author
11. Symbols and Abbreviations Used in the Book
11.1. Position Evaluation
11.2. Move Evaluation

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