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Monday, January 4, 2016

Isolated Queen Pawn–Strategy and Tactics Ebook

To celebrate the end of 2015 I released one more book that summarizes my findings from many years of analysis and studying a specific chess topic – this one is about positions with isolated ‘d’ pawn.

Isolated Queen Pawn–Strategy and Tactics is now available in the kindle store and on Kobo.

Opening preparation in chess is always difficult and a lot of books have been written about this topic. The goal of this book is to illustrate how specific pawn structures should be studied for typical themes even if they arise from different openings. The pawn structure with (typically) White's isolated queen pawn on the 'd' file has been known for over a hundred years, and different players have shown best plans for both sides over the years. Historically, Mikhail Botvinnik popularized White's play, and positional players such as Karpov have performed well on the Black side of the same structure in several modern openings. At the same time, all strong modern grandmasters are well familiar with the principles of this pawn formation for both sides, and the goal of the book is to translate that knowledge on to the readers. The topics covered include:
  • Isolated Pawn from Various Openings
  • Direct Attack Against the King
  • Structural Transformations
    • White exchanges on d5
    • Black exchanges on c3
    • Black exchanges on e3
    • Black exchanges on e5
    • Black exchanges on c5
  • Plans for the side with the Isolated Queen Pawn
    • Pressure on d5 square
    • Advancing d4-d5
    • Advancing f4-f5
    • Pressure along 'c' file
  • Plans for the side playing against the Isolated Queen Pawn
    • Directly Attacking the isolated pawn in the middlegame
    • Isolated Pawn as a Weakness in the Endgame
    • f7-f5 as defensive idea
    • Exchanging Dark Squared bishops with Bg5
    • Transferring the knight to f4 combined with pressure along a8-h1 diagonal
  • Endgames with isolated pawns
  • Middlegame Combinations
  • Tactics from Blitz

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