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Sunday, May 10, 2015

Playing Chess online – Game Pools with Increments?

I am continuing to play 15 + minute games online in my quest to play 100 “Standard” games online this year, and I prefer games with small increment (15 +2) to avoid being flagged in ridiculously trivial positions, and also to emulate what it’s like to play in real tournaments, which also use increments. I mostly play on ICC, but I am occasionally struggling to find a game with my preferred time controls.

ICC has game pools with 3, 5 and 15 minutes per game, where it’s often easier to quickly find an opponent. image

But there is no 15+2 pool or anything similar, which I think is a shame.

I’d be curious to hear if there is a playing site that has such a feature.

UPDATE: as of July 30th, 2015, it seems that ICC heard this request from many other users as well, and added 25 + 10 and 10 + 5 pools, which roughly is what I was looking for! Here is their newsletter.


  1. On there is a 15+10 if that helps? Or is it to long?

    1. 15+10 is pretty good, it seems they also have 3 2 and 5 5, so this is very helpful to know. Thanks for the information, I will try it out!

  2. Maybe on Lichess [] ?

    1. could not find it as an option there, all I can spot is "create game" which seems like a regular game offer.


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