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Sunday, February 15, 2015

The Hard Truth about Time Trouble

Time time trouble in chess can be fun and give you the state of flow where your entire attention is focused on the board and nothing else matters. Your mind is on top of its game, and in this state of high concentration you are able to find moves that you normally would not see. But there are two very different scenarios here:

A) Mutual Time Trouble

Example: Both you and your opponent have about 3 minutes left in a sharp middlegame, with 30 second increment. With your opponent being in time trouble too, the outcome of the game could be either win,  loss or draw, the chances are the same as they were before time trouble.

B) Only one player is in time trouble – YOU

Example: You have 5 minutes vs. opponent's 1 hour, same increment and he is grinding you down in a long endgame. Time trouble where you have little time and your opponent has plenty, is very different. You'd also have to be glued to the board, but while your opponent is taking his time until he finds decisive simplification. A lot of suffering is in store, and you will likely lose. No state of flow will likely help you (although miracles do happen of course).

Time trouble can be created different indeed...

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