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Thursday, September 18, 2014

2 Years, 18 eBooks, Thousand Puzzles, Hundred Annotated Games Later

Two years ago, I started converting my published and studying materials into electronic books that I thought would be great to read anywhere, on any mobile device, on the internet, offline, etc. The eBook format seemed to be a natural fit, and I have been uploading my content on Amazon, with some samples on this blog, on my YouTube channel, and on Kobo. The project turned out “a bit” more ambitious than originally anticipated, but it has been a great learning experience so far.

The table below summarizes roughly the amount of content in each book, and should give you an idea what book you might be interested in. As I continue to tweak the process, I’d also like to hear your thoughts on the format, content, pricing, and really anything related to these books.

Book Title Training Positions * Annotated Games Price Series
Bishop Endgames: Do Opposites Attract? 44 27 2.99 Practical Endgames
Exchange Slav - Strategy and Tactics 27 28 2.99 Opening Preparation
Counterattack with Alexander Morozevich 42
0.99 Practical Tactics
Spanish Opening - Strategy and Tactics 28 11 2.99 Opening Preparation
Play Like a Grandmaster - Tactics from Chess World Cup 2013 54
2.99 Practical Tactics
World Championship Preview - Combinations by Anand and Carlsen 131
2.99 Practical Tactics
Rook and Knight Endgames - Strategy and Tactics 26 19 2.99 Practical Endgames
Attack with Alexander Morozevich - Selected Games and Best Combinations 54 10 2.99 Practical Tactics
Play Like a Grandmaster - Best Tactics of 2013 82
2.99 Practical Tactics
Best Combinations - January 2014 51
0.99 Monthly Tactics
Best Combinations - February 2014 57
0.99 Monthly Tactics
Best Combinations - March 2014 40
0.99 Monthly Tactics
Best Combinations - April 2014 51
0.99 Monthly Tactics
Best Combinations - May 2014 54
0.99 Monthly Tactics
Best Combinations - June 2014 102
2.99 Monthly Tactics
Endgames by Juniors - Instructive Games and Blunders 9 23 2.99 Practical Endgames
Best Combinations – July 2014 101
2.99 Monthly Tactics
Best Combinations – August 2014 103
2.99 Monthly Tactics
1056 118  

* Training positions typically also contain annotations and are computer checked for accuracy.


  1. Hi, I am currently restructuring my opening repertoire - switching from 1. e4 to 1. d4.
    The Slav Exchange is one variation I plan to play, so I bought your e-book about it and I like it very much. It is just what I wanted. Explanations of the potential plans, great and interesting model games, puzzles and I also like that you didn't put in a jungle of variations.
    About the format: I think the kindle-format works fine. I loaded a kindle app on my tablet and the tablet in combination with a real chess board works perfect.
    The price is also very fair.

    PS: If you had an opening book about the Torre I would buy it immediately.

  2. Andy, thanks for the detailed and positive feedback! Good to hear how people read these books in the real world. The tactics books are intended to be used without the board, but I myself would want to move the pieces when reading the ones about the opening and endgame. No Torre book planned just yet, but I do have one in the works about the various lines of the Open Sicilian, aiming to get it out some time early next year.



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