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Sunday, June 22, 2014

FinalGen–Endgame Tablebases On Steroids

Several times I found myself looking for a solution to my problem online without finding it, only to later realize that the tool/utility/service has actually been around available for years. This happened with SCID, and now again with FinalGen. FinalGen is a free GUI utility that allows one to analyze endgames with 7 pieces and more after generating all the necessary data on demand! It is user friendly enough and does not require any complicated command line syntax or configuration, as one could expect. For the position below, it allowed me to generate exact evaluation in less than an hour! Apparently White wins!

Bernstein – Prince, 1946

image White to move – see the complete game here. image

I have played and analyzed quite a lot of rook endgames with two pawns vs one, and they often could not be precisely evaluated – until now!

You can get FinalGen on its website


  1. Actually FinalGen is wrong here, this is drawn according to the 7-piece tablebases. 1.Rg6+ does not draw. An example line is 1.Rg6+ Kh4 2.e5 Rb1 3.e6 (3.Rg2 with the idea of Re2 does not work) Re1 4.Kd4 c5 5.Kd5 b4 and white can't stop black from pawning

  2. Maybe I was wrong, not finalgen, as it says 1.Rg6 - Win or Draw; I must have gotten over-excited.
    thanks for checking it against 7 piece tablebase.


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