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Sunday, May 12, 2013

Bishops and Rooks - Solutions

Matnadze, Ana - Gagunashvili, Merab
GEO-ch I Liga  2002.04.27  

207[1] White to move
Solution: 37. Bxf7+

White wins the pawn and obtains the e6 square for the bishop. Either capture is met by c8Q.

37. ... Kh8 38. Be6 1-0

Wirig, Anthony - Loetscher, Roland
Mitropa Cup 22nd  2003.05.19  

208[1] White to move
Solution: 40. Rxe6 Rxe6 41. Bxd5 Kf7 42. f4

White has time to put pawn on f5 and regain the rook.

42. ... gxf4 43. gxf4 Bd6 44. f5 Kf6 45. fxe6 h4 46. Kg2 Ke5 47. Bc4 Ke4 48. Kh3 Be7 49. Kg4 Ke5 50. Kh5 Kf5 51. e4+ 1-0

These positions are taken from my E-book about endgames with bishops of opposite colour:

image The book is formatted for electronic readers and can be read on devices of various sizes, from tablets to phones. The free sample includes 3 thoroughly annotated games and the full book comes with dozens of training positions to help develop a good sense for positions with bishops of opposite colour.


  1. I thought 40.Bxd5 for the second one. If 40...exd5, 41.Rxe5 and after anything else, 41.Rxe6 and white will be up three pawns.

  2. @Ciaran nice point, 40. Bxd5 works well too!


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