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Sunday, October 16, 2011

Fritz 13 Let’s Check Feature

Fritz 13 is adding a new feature that is called “Let’s check”. The feature allows to share engine analysis with other users and upload it to the “cloud”. Such analysis would be easy to look at in one of the Fritz panels:


The benefits of this kind of feature seem very exciting:

  • it will allow fast access to all previously made engine analysis
  • reduce the need to redundantly run engine on positions that someone else has analysed
  • encourage sharing between chess players on an unprecedented scale
  • it actually has a UI that is easy to understand. Convekta’s IDea still seems very complicated to me when I read explanations of how it works

The Video tutorials are brief and to the point:

But the scary aspects of the feature seem a lot more obvious:

  • spying on each other – sounds like the option is on by default!
  • in perspective, this takes us much closer to chess being completely solved
  • ChessBase may control data contributed by many chess players, many engines and so on. While games are now being shared in databases produced by more than one vendor, ChessBase having billions of extra positions stored in their private databases will give them a monopoly over most of chess data, data contributed by their own users, who would now have to pay yearly membership fees to access that data.
  • focus is on engine analysis, although I think this kind of system should have put emphasis on people’s verbal commentaries (Comments Network feature does seem to go in that direction though, although why not instead use existing GM comments that are spread out through their MegaBase already?)

Yes, this is just a tool to help players with what they do – use best engines to solve mysteries of various chess positions. Some would argue that this is inevitable anyway, but I find this tool more disturbing than anything else.

The biggest question I have though – for how long are they going to have enough storage space to maintain trillions of possible chess positions??

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  1. I wrote a review of Fritz 13 that you might like at I included some enhancements I would like to see, along with some annoyances, and pet peeves about the interface. The "Let's Check" feature is pretty cool.


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