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Thursday, June 30, 2011

Making Chess Videos – Microsoft Expression Encoder

So far I had been using CamStudio and Windows Movie Maker for making most of my chess videos, but recent problems with capturing audio from speakers (I basically could not get it to work on my new PC) made me look for another solution. I found Microsoft Expression Encoder tool suite to be quite easy to use and functional (capturing audio from speakers “just worked”). The only limitation is that the capture tool’s free version is limited to 10 minutes. I presume that can be worked around by compositing 2 captures, and by talking faster! As an extra feature, Encoder allows to amplify output volume, which is something that had a lot difficulties with in the past.

image The capture tool is easy to use and configure.

image The encoding tool looks quite sophisticated, but generates output faster than Windows Movie Maker!


image This control allows for adjusting output volume!

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