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Monday, February 14, 2011

Windows Live Writer - Backing up your Chess Blog

This post is of course not only relevant to a chess blog, but to any blog that is created with Windows Live Writer (I use 2009 version). Following my several computer disasters in the last couple of years, I have been a bit more diligent about backups, and Windows Live Writer Backup tool is part of the routine; Windows Live Writer backup is a very simple tool that lets you export most of your Blog data into a single file. I have once had to do a restore, and it worked pretty well.

image Just run the tool and press Backup (you might have to run it as an administrator).

As an added benefit, it lets me monitor how my blog grows in size over time (also indicates why my blog takes so long to load on slow connection)


On that note – here is a quick tutorial on how to use Windows Live Writer to add chess content, such as diagrams, to your posts.

In this video I show how to insert chess diagrams to your blog post with only a couple of quick shortcuts. This how-to video assumes that you already have Chess Base Light 2009 and Windows Live Writer installed . Both are free tools from ChessBase and Microsoft respectively. You'd need to have a blog setup already as well. The post I made in the video is here.

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