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Thursday, August 26, 2010

Opposite Coloured Bishops – part 15

I am now wrapping up the series on endgames with opposite coloured bishops, with a couple of positions for you to solve.

Spraggett Kevin - Hartman Brian, Hamilton m (4), 1993

opposite_bishop_142  White to move.

For the solution and to see the whole game go to

Hint: One of the characteristics of endgames with opposite coloured bishops and rooks, is that when the weaker side tries to setup the blockade, the stronger side’s rook can be sacrificed for the blockading bishop.

Topalov Veselin  - Shirov Alexei, Linares 1998

image  Black to move

The next post will include the full solution to this famous position, but if you can’t wait – the game is available here:

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