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Monday, May 17, 2010

Errors in Old Combination Manuals

Letzelter – Faivre, 1971

image Black to move.

White’s last move must have been Bg5, with a discovered attack against the unprotected rook on d4.

Just like the annotator and players, I fell for 1… Qxg5 2. Rxd4 Ne3!, which does give black some advantage after 3. Qc6 Nxf1 4. Kxf1 Qe3! 5. Qf3! However a computer engine pointed out a much simpler and more effective solution. What was it?


  1. Вместо хода в тексте, проще было 1...Л:d1! Hапример: 2.С:d8 Л:f1+ 3.Кр:g1 Ке3+ и 4...К:c2; или 2.Ф:d1 Ф:g5 c лишной фигурой у белых.

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