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Sunday, October 4, 2009

Quick win by Black in Panov attack – youtube video

I have been fairly busy preparing for a provincial championship, so I have not had much time for the blog in the last few weeks. But here is a video I made of one of my games from several years ago. It might be of interest for you if you play the Caro-Kann defence, or are interested in BC Chess scene in general. In this game Black quickly takes over initiative and attacks White king that got stuck in the center. A good example of why you don't want to neglect development. The game was wrapped up with a pseudo-queen sacrifice, but more important is Black’s 11th move, it’s fundamental for understanding Black’s initiative in this game.


Replay the game in the viewer:


  1. Hi Roman, nice little video, I enjoyed the commentary. The volume could do with being a bit higher.

  2. Thanks Vladan, yeah, I should tweak the audio settings next time.


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