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Monday, December 8, 2008

Tactics - crazy computer move

Noam Davies - Jiganchine, 2005 (analysis) - White to move


The black queen captured the rook on a1, and risks getting trapped. But right now it seems that White has to re-capture on f3 - does not he? And Black is also up two pawns...

17. Rd1!!?  - this is the MOST CRAZY MOVE THAT ONLY COMPUTER CAN SUGGEST - but it forces perpetual check by destracting Bf3 from d5. The idea behind moving the rook to d1 is to prevent the Black queen from escaping via d4.(17. Kxf3 Qd4)

17... Bxd1 18. Qxc6+ Kd8 19. Qxd5+ with a draw by perpetual check


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